Pele Boteco

What’s the difference between an Brazilian Bar, commonly called ‘’Boteco’’ and the regular Pub or Bar? The ‘’Boteco’’ seeks to be a more relaxed and informal place, with typical food and drink.

Project Vision:

Pele Boteco offers an innovative proposal, create a true Brazilian all you can eat bar environment with typical foods at Metzizim beach in Tel Aviv. Pele Boteco also aims to create an easy-to-use food order Application.


1)  Create an interface capable of exploring Brazilian food endlessly.
2) Construct a detailed information page for each food.


Starting off, I asked myself a few initial questions. Who is our primary user? What kind of goals do they have? Why would someone want to use this application? I Started this journey researching more about restaurants and bars in Israel, which type of bars Israelis likes the most, which kind of food they orders through Applications and so on.

Competitive Analysis:

In order to construct a nice experience for my bar's clients, I had to venture out and see what the prominent bars  were doing to grab a lot of clients and order food applications were already doing and what user goals they were not reaching.

Meet the Users

Interface Map


Before moving onto high fidelity wireframes and mocks, I wanted to get a feel for what the core of the app would look like when put in front of me.



1) Endless Exploration
With so many types of food on this planet, it would be near impossible for someone to individually search for each one. I attempted to solve this issue by creating a browse feature with numerous filters and categories. With this, I believe users will be able to find a really nice dish.
2) Dish Summary
Displaying each and every spice possible for users, and essential information for users to read. I wanted to create a short and concise area of the screen for users to utilize when learning about the dish.